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Why HexaCharge?

At Malinto, we believe in making technology that simplifies and enhances your life. HexaCharge is designed to replace the two primary functions of cables in your car: charging and connecting. With HexaCharge, you can enjoy:

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  • Seamless wireless CarPlay and Android Auto
  • MagSafe-compatible wireless charging
  • Easy setup with no repeated pairing
  • Compatibility with over 700 car models
  • Upgrade your driving experience with the best in wireless technology.

See the difference with HexaCharge.

From Cluttered to Clean

Cluttered Cables

Nice & Clean

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The world's first truly wireless technology

HexaCharge for Every Lifestyle

Whether you're commuting to work, on a road trip, or just running errands, HexaCharge fits seamlessly into your life, providing the ultimate wireless connectivity.

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Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto with MagSafe

HexaCharge™ for Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto
Dash Mount with Telescopic Arm for HexaCharge

What People Are Saying About HexaCharge

Absolutely adore my HexaCharge, even though it took a couple of tries to connect the first time. Now, it makes driving so much more enjoyable with wireless CarPlay!

— Jordan Smith

HexaCharge has been a game-changer, though setup was a tad confusing at first. But once it's up and running, it's flawless. No more wires!

— Mia Chen

Been a few weeks with HexaCharge and it's solid. Had a minor hiccup where it disconnected once, but reconnecting was easy. Love how it keeps my phone charged.

— Chris Johnson

Was skeptical about HexaCharge, but it's proven its worth. Only gripe is that it can be a bit slow to connect sometimes, but the reliability once connected is great.

— Alex Martinez

The sleek design of HexaCharge is a win, though I wish it came with more detailed instructions. Works without any hiccups after setup, and customer service is helpful.

— Taylor Robinson

HexaCharge has significantly improved my driving experience, though I noticed it sometimes takes a moment to connect. Once it does, it's seamless for navigation and tunes.

— Sam Wilson

Love how HexaCharge eliminates the need for cables. Setup was straightforward, though I had to restart it once to get it to connect initially. A must-have for tech lovers.

— Olivia Garcia

HexaCharge's performance is impressive. Had an issue where it wouldn't connect right away, but after a quick reset, it's been perfect.

— Ethan Brown

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Seamless Integration with Over 700 Car Models


HexaCharge offers unbeatable compatibility with over 700 car models, ensuring you can enjoy wireless CarPlay and Android Auto in virtually any vehicle. Experience hassle-free setup, superior connectivity, and a clutter-free dashboard wherever you go.

How It works

Easy Plug-and-Play Installation


Plug Hexacharge into your car's infotainment system using the USB port.


Open your device's Bluetooth settings and search for "Hexacharge." Once found, select and pair the device.


Once you've paired Hexacharge with your device, you're ready to go! You only need to pair once, and you'll be automatically connected for future rides.

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