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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your Privacy, Our Priority

At Malinto, we champion your right to privacy with the help of OneTrust, ensuring you have full sway over your data — from the specifics of what we track to what stays strictly off our radar. During your first foray into, a noticeable banner will guide you through the process of opting in or out of various data collection practices.

Cookie Management Made Easy: By navigating to "Cookies Settings", tailor your digital footprint on our site to your heart's content. Remember, adjustments to your preferences are always welcome.

The Data We Gather

For Order Fulfillment: Shopping with us means we’ll need a few details like your name, shipping address, contact number, and email — all crucial for getting your order from our doorstep to yours. Rest assured, these details are shared with no one except our third-party fulfillment allies, and are retained to streamline your future interactions with us, including returns and warranty claims.

Secure Account Creation: Opting for a account? We'll safeguard your password, ensuring it remains your little secret, accessible only by you.

Streamlined Payments: Through ShopPay and other quick payment options like ApplePay and PayPal, we process your purchases without holding onto your payment info. Your financial security is our top priority.


A Tailored Experience: Our global audience benefits from localized shopping experiences, thanks to IP address tracking. This helps us display relevant pricing, shipping, and tax info, making our site essential and tailored to you.

Insightful Analytics: With Google Analytics, we delve into the hows and whys of site traffic without peering into personal identities. This broad overview helps us understand your needs better, always respecting your privacy.

Engaging Advertising: Through digital marketing, we remember your product interests, allowing us to reconnect with you through tailored ads across the web. Not a fan? "Targeting Cookies" in your settings is where you can draw the line.

Communication & Support

Rekindling Interest: Abandoned your cart? Klaviyo might nudge you to revisit. Completed a purchase? Expect a friendly reminder to engage further with us. Your email is used solely for these prompts, with full respect for your privacy.

Customer Care at its Finest: Powered by Gladly, our Support Center and Contact Us form remember your past interactions to enhance future conversations. This personalized trail is visible only to our Customer Service team.

Stay in the Loop: Through Klaviyo, we share updates, offers, and news, but only with your explicit consent. Your email is yours alone; we promise never to overstep.

Texts and Tests

SMS Updates and Support: For those who opt in, Klaviyo helps us send text updates and offers, ensuring you’re always in the know. Not feeling it anymore? "STOP" is the word to part ways.

Website Evolution: Through Convert and Hotjar, we experiment with site design to enhance your experience, keeping personal data out of the equation. Prefer not to participate? Performance Cookies can be turned off.

Protecting Your Data

Security Measures: At Malinto, we’re serious about safeguarding your data through rigorous security measures. Should breaches occur, we’re committed to prompt and transparent action to protect your interests.

A No-Sell Promise: Your personal data is yours and yours alone. We hold this truth sacred, sharing information only with partners bound by confidentiality agreements and never without your consent.

Beyond Our Borders

Exploring with Confidence: Our site may guide you to third-party domains, over which we have no sway. We advocate for your vigilance and welcome any insights on these external experiences.

A Safe Space for All Ages: Adhering to COPPA, we create content for individuals 13 years and above, ensuring a secure online environment for every visitor.

Your Rights and Choices

Accessing and Managing Your Data: Aligned with GDPR and CCPA, we respect your right to access or request the deletion of your data, with a secure verification process in place to protect your identity.

Staying Updated: Our privacy practices may evolve, but any changes will be communicated clearly on this page, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

We’re Here for You: Questions or concerns? Our inbox is always open at, ready to address any privacy queries you may have.

By navigating, you’re entrusting us with a slice of your digital life — a responsibility we don’t take lightly. We’re committed to transparency, respect, and the unwavering protection of your privacy.