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The True Wireless Experience

The HexaCharge Adapter is different from traditional wireless CarPlay or wireless Android Auto adapters. In addition to providing wireless CarPlay/Android Auto functionality, it features built-in MagSafe, a magnetic wireless charging technology from Apple, enabling wireless charging at any time and truly freeing your phone from cords and cables.

Multiple Smartphone Support

HexaCharge was developed with intelligent identification in mind. By providing wireless CarPlay or wireless Android Auto functionality, it can accommodate different smartphone models. This compatibility with both Android and iPhone devices makes HexaCharge perfect for your entire family.

Enhanced Convenience and Safety

HexaCharge also functions as a versatile phone mount. With the additional HexaDash mount and MagSafe magnetic technology, you can position your phone anywhere, ensuring easy access and optimal viewing angles. This allows you to keep your focus on the road, enhancing both convenience and safety.

Collected from First Crowdfunding Users

HexaCharge is truly a great value. If you were to buy a MagSafe charger, wireless CarPlay adapter, and magnetic phone mount separately, it would cost a lot more and take up much more space.

— Olivia Garcia

When I first saw HexaCharge, I was blown away. It combines a car mount, Apple MagSafe charger, and wireless CarPlay adapter all in one. The quality is top-notch, and you can tell they aim for Apple-like standards.

— Ethan Brown

Absolutely adore my HexaCharge, even though it took a couple of tries to connect the first time. Now, it makes driving so much more enjoyable with wireless CarPlay!

— Jordan Smith

Advanced HexaCharge Technologies

HexaRing Magnetic Mount

HexaDash Phone Stand

HexaClick Multi-Device Control

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Quick and Simple Setup Steps

Step 1: Fixing the mount and adapter

Clip the mount onto the car's air vent, securely attach the Hexacharge adapter, and place your phone on the adapter for wireless charging.

Step 2: Connect to car

Plug the cable into your CarPlay/Android Auto-enabled USB port

Step 3: Select wifi source

Choose your preferred Wi-Fi source, such as a mobile hotspot. This step is only required during the initial setup.

Step 4: Enjoy true wireless freedom Now

From now on, your phone will automatically connect to CarPlay/Android Auto. Simply place your phone on the mount for wireless charging anytime, anywhere


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

What is MagSafe Charging?

MagSafe is Apple's magnetic charging technology, integrated into the iPhone 15, 14, 13, and 12. It offers a faster and more convenient charging solution, creating a new ecosystem of accessories.

Is HexaCharge compatible with my car?

HexaCharge works with over 700 car models. Check our compatibility list for your vehicle.

Do I need to pair my phone every time I get in the car?

No, you only need to pair your phone once. After that, HexaCharge will automatically connect.

Will HexaCharge charge my phone?

Yes, HexaCharge features built-in MagSafe charging to keep your phone powered up.

Can I use HexaCharge with an Android phone?

Absolutely, HexaCharge supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

What if I have an older phone without MagSafe?

For older phones, use the included HexaRing accessory to enable magnetic mounting and wireless charging

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